About Cory

I was born and raised in Oregon, growing up in the Salem area. My most defining and overarching interest has been of the animal world. I have always had this fascination with animals, and the more exotic and wild mammals held my interest the most. This love has always had some level of influence in the things I've done and the my plans for the future. In school, I loved to create art, from drawing to sculpture, and a few other media, I tried to capture animals that were my favorite or just cool. I took as many art classes as I could and won an honorable mention at the Oregon State Fair for a huge clay sculpture of a Neopolitan Mastiff head, my favorite dog at the time.

I served a mission in Salt Lake and taught the people there about the Gospel, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, and the LDS church. I think I grew the most here having to find out who I was and seeing how the principles I taught made myself and others better. When I was done serving, I started my education at BYU and declared as a Biology major before I went to my first class. I never thought of studying anything else. It's been a subject that has always intrigued me even though I only had a basic knowledge. I love my major, the broad knowledge and understanding of the field of biology I've gained so far makes me want to keep learning.

I started school wanting to have a career as a zoo keeper but Kristen talked me into pursuing something more promising, a zoo veterinarian. I'm applying this year for veterinary school and thinking about doing procedures on wild animals makes me excited. I'm gaining experience today by working as a vet tech in a local animal hospital and have learned a lot so far.

I met Kristen my first semester at BYU and have very few college memories that don't involve her. She helped me learn how life works in Provo. We have been happily married since 2009.
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