Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My first time with Write On Wednesdays

During one of my recent blog perusals I happened upon inkpaperpen a lovely blog which holds a weekly blogfest called Write On Wednesdays. Most of the people that participate submit some creative piece, but I've never been much for creative writing. However, I do like to write and thought I would take this weekly opportunity to share a memory based on the prompt. Personally, I'm interested to see what I come up with each week.

The idea behind Write On Wednesdays is to set a timer for five minutes and just write what first comes to mind based on the prompt. I like this exercise and thought I would make it a weekly segment on this blog about our life. I'm going to try to get Cory to participate as well, I think it would be fun to see what he comes up with.

Anyway, this week's prompt is based off of this photo:
taken by Kristy of House of Prowse

Well, here goes.

Trees are so important to me. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and loved every inch of the greenery. Living in Utah makes me sad sometimes with how brown it is here. One day I’ll make it back to the trees.

The house I spent most of my young childhood in had the most lovely yard. At least, that’s how I remember it. When I was really young there were tall trees that lined our property. I think they might have been elms or birches (it’s hard to remember what they were exactly) and I used to play around them and in the tall grass that they stood in. I made up all sorts of games and stories and had so much fun. I don’t know why but one day my dad decided that the trees needed to be gone. He spent a whole day chopping them down and clearing out that portion of the lawn. I was heartbroken. Those trees were my friends and I had had so much fun with them. My family has moved several times since, yet I always remember that little spot where my imagination took flight and the sadness I felt at losing my trees.

Write On Wednesdays

Thanks for your comments on my short piece. I'm really excited to join the Write On Wednesdays movement and look forward to many more fun opportunities to chronicle my memories from these prompts.


House of Prowse said...

Hi Kristen,
Thanks for sharing - glad you found IPP.
I can relate - I had a favourite tree too that I used to see when we would go on holidays.
It's amazing how connected we can feel to special trees and the feelings they create.
Come visit again next week!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. I have a similar memory about the first house I remember growing up in as a child. I felt the emotion in your words as I read this. Looking forward to reading more from you!

Sif said...

Oh, that is so sad! I love trees. In this piece, trees seem to represent so much for you - childhood, freedom and a sense of innocence, and then you're dad chopping them down brings confusion and sad and a loss of innocence in some way. Quite profound, actually!

InkPaperPen said...

Welcome to Write On Wednesday, I am pleased that you like the idea and that you can make the prompts suit you and your blog. This is exactly the point of WoW!

I thought this was a sad but important memory. Remembering the spot where your imagination took flight. Such a shame. I look forward to reading more from you next week.

Janelle said...

Good on you for joining in with WoW! Even though your story was sad, it was a really lovely memory. I remember my childhood backyard being a magical place of imaginary adventures too.

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