Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Championship

This last Saturday we went to the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Championship. Cory got free tickets from his boss so we drove up to Midway that afternoon and watched border collies herd sheep. It was...interesting. I actually really enjoyed it. We bought some overpriced food and watched a documentary being filmed and got some sweet swag. We ran into Cory's roommate from his first semester here. It was fun to catch up with him a bit.


 There was a water jumping competition too.

Rockin' the free visors

See, we do have fun.

Side note: We went to the library that morning and while we were there I ripped a hole in the capris I was wearing. They were kinda sagging and didn't have enough give in them when I went to squat down to look at a lower shelf. Instead of going all the way home I borrowed a pair of jeans from Nicoley (she lives a couple blocks from the Provo library now) to wear to Midway. Of course, being Utah, it was super hot and I decided to roll them up. Thus the stupid looking rolled-up jeans. I don't think I've ever ripped my pants before. It was a different experience

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Kaj said...

No way! They have sheep dog contests in Utah?! That is so cool! We used to have sheep. I love them almost as much as I love seeing pictures of you and Corey, and thinking about how glad I am you're my friend. Lots of love!

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