Sunday, November 15, 2009

Megablock castles and Red Shirts

Stuff is going on. Last week marked the 4th month of our marriage. Not a insanely exciting week, other than that, but some good things happened, Kristen applied for some on-campus jobs that really are down her alley, one in the library entering books into the catalogue and she will be able to use her German reading skills the other is editing textbooks to be used by students with disabilities. She had an interview for the first and said it went good she's now waiting for the other to contact her. On Saturday while Kristen was crafty at Super Saturday I played with some pretty funny kids in the nursery and realized how hard it is for little kids to share. They were a lot of fun and really good but it is a lot of work taking care of short attention spans and destructive tendencies. And the big kid in me set about building forts with giant Megablock walls and trying to read them books from Blues Clues and Dora in Spanish. That evening we went to BYU's Divine Comedy, a comedy sketch group, and it was pretty darn funny. They usually have one main sketch they end the show with spoofing a movie by adding Utah and BYU humor. This one was of the newest Star Trek and the jokes were great but the funny part was most of the audience was totally lost when the more star trek related jokes came up, such as red shirts never lasting for a full episode. However if I hadn't known Kristen and my old roommate Ryan and watching the movies with them I wouldn't have understood the jokes either.
We dressed up to see the premiere last May and Kristen fell asleep on the couch.

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