Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nicole is here!

My mom and my sister came to Provo Monday night because NICOLE IS A FRESHMAN AT BYU and we've been getting her ready for living in the dorms and moving in and all that jazz. It's been great having them here and I'm really excited to have Nicole around. We don't get along too well when we have to live together but we can be really great friends if we just hang out once in a while. Anyway, we went to IKEA today to get her some things she needed and Cory and I bought some kitchen things we were wanting. We also went to DI and got a really nice ficus. Oh, and I love having my mom in town. She always buys me things. Like yesterday she brought home this gorgeous lamp and two nice bookshelves for us to put the rest of our books on. It's great to have them out of boxes. I'm so spoiled. And she's helping me decorate our new apartment. She's so much better at it than I am and I'm glad she's here to help.

P.S. This is my trying to keep goal #3. Today the blog was just more convenient than my journal.


Claire and Chad Ford said...

Wahoo!! I love that your madre and sister are here! Remember when your mom visited us in Vienna? I include myself as if she had been visiting me too, because it makes me feel special :)
Also, love the trip to Ikea and purchases from your mom. Gotta have the stocked bookshelves.
AND I'm so proud of you keeping goal #3. I'm working on mine too!

Bethany Hoyt said...

Kristen!!! I haven't talked to you in forever! I hope you are doing well! I cannot believe your little sis is a freshman!-so fun-remember when we were little freshies and we were roommates:) Tell nicole that if she can't sleep she can listen to the "good night" CD or she could try putting up #1-10 in different languages...ahahah-good times! love ya!

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