Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

So yesterday was my dad's birthday. And I got to talk with him about his fun day. He was able to take it off and my family spent the day in Newport on the Oregon Coast. He told me all about visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium and even sent some cool pictures to my phone during the day. For dinner they went to Mo's with their world famous clam chowder, man I can't wait to be back in Oregon so I can visit the coast.
But about my dad, he is great at making you feel important in a conversation so it wasn't just about what they did. Mixed in were things that he knew I would think were cool, like how the sea otters at the aquarium are rescued and regionally extinct in Oregon, and family memories, like how the last time we visited the aquarium was when Keiko was there.
It is really great to talk to him and he makes a point to call as often as he can to ask me about my classes, work, and just what I'm up to. So I've learned a lot from him about keeping commitments and how to make others feel important. These make him a great father and in management at Payless Shoes. I am so grateful he is my dad and hope I am able to be a great father like him to my kids.

You're the best Dad!

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